June 2018 – PhotoFluo at Fluoropolymer 2018

PhotoFluo results were presented at the conference Fluoropolymer 2018, held in Denver (CO, USA) on 24-27 June 2018:

  • Roberta Bongiovanni, Giuseppe Trusiano, Alessandra Vitale, Christine Joly-Duhamel, Chadron M. Friesen
    Perfluoropolyether building blocks for photopolymerisation processes
    Oral presentation
  • Chadron M. Friesen,  Céline Bonneaud, Addison Pasiuk, Trevor Burgess, Julia Burgess, Roberta Bongiovanni, Christine Joly-Duhamel
    Advancements and applications of telechelic poly(hexafluoro-propylene oxide)
    Oral presentation
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